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Unique Head Ceramic Teapot w/Hat Handmade by Michael Terra

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Product Description

Mr. McGorrigan The Tea Man - This wonderful guy will certainly lighten the mood at the dinner table!

He tips his hat to reveal a great way to serve tea – or any beverage, for that matter – because it's going to look strange coming out of his nose, for sure. (Please note: If you think anyone will be overcome with their beverage streaming out of a nose, please refrain from serving in front of them.)

Totally food safe and dishwash-able he becomes the favorite choice when a serving of humor is your cup of tea.

Because this is hand-sculpted, the walls are highly compressed and thin. This makes these serving pieces light and tough at the same time.

Each one is unique and crafted one at a time by the artist. Great as a single piece of table art, too, even when not in use.

This is your chance to own and display a piece from a world-renowned artist - whose work is in galleries around the world.

Remember: even though Mom told you not to play with your food, that doesn't mean you can’t have fun with it!

Measurements (L x W in US inches):
Mr. McGorrigan Tea Head Teapot - 6.50 x 6.50 x 7.00 Inches

About The Artist

Michael Terra makes fabulous, emotionally engaging ceramics that his wife, Victoria, calls ArtWare. Not only are these things that you can look at and enjoy but they are fun to live with as you use them to hold your food or beverages.

The pieces are all individually crafted by Michael without benefit of assistants, interns, elves or large factory complexes in Asia. It's done at his studio in Padukah, Kentucky. Michael and Victoria have two very artistic daughters, Artemis (Artie) and Alexandra (Xan).

An excerpt from iSurfNewsPaducah:

Michael, How long have you been an artist?
I first started working with ceramics professionally in 1975. I started making and selling ceramics at that point in time though I have dropped in and out of it over the years. For a period of ten years I did large format oil paintings. I have also done fine art jewelry, and I even worked in stained glass. For part of whatever work I have done in my life I have always been a professional artist since the 70’s.

So what is about ceramics that you like so much?
This time I have been doing ceramics for about a decade. What it is that I love about clay is that you can do everything else you have wanted to do in pretty much any other medium you can do with clay, which is so groovy.

If you want to do a landscape painting. You can roll out a piece of clay and start adding a picture to it, then you can paint it, glaze it and then make into that whole original idea of a landscape. I also like the aspect of service. I can make a cup. It can be a boring cup, a funny cup, an art cup, but no matter what kind of cup I make, you get to hold it in your hand and use it. You get to put it under your fingertips and have it be a part of your life.

But isn’t it a difficult medium to work in?
It is but it is also a very open medium in that you can invent something from nothing. The piece I am working on now, the client needed to be able to display something small that they are giving away, but not have it at little kid height. So I basically in just a few minutes I have invented this wall pocket for them and I am creating it for them hopefully in an artful way that will meet their needs.

What are the challenges involved with working with clay?
You can do a huge amount of things with clay and it is an easy medium to manipulate, but if you don’t treat it carefully all of your work will just become garbage. Because clay has a great deal of memory and rhythm and it is very responsive to what’s been done with it. As you are working with it you have to mindful of every gesture, because the clay will remember. And sometimes when you are heating it up to 2300 degrees it wants to go back to what it was doing yesterday, which is not what you are asking of it today. So I love that challenge part of it.

Are you formally trained in the arts, or are you self-taught?
In terms of art I am primarily self-taught, though I have reached the point that I do teach college level courses in ceramics. My educational background is in other areas. I hold Masters Degrees in Psychology and Bio-Physics, which as you can see I use extensively in my art. (laughs)

How would you describe your work?
I try to create emotionally engaging ceramics. I want my work to become a part of your life even if it's not in service like a cup. Many of the pieces that I do are funny, some are serious, while others just make you think about what they are, say, or represent. Everything I do is handmade by me and is one of a kind, no two pieces are identical. As a result I have begun to build a following for my work, which is featured in many museums around the U.S., but I also do commissions as well.

Stand out from your neighbors, friends and family as THE one who gives fabulous gifts. Or, make this something your friends envy you over.

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